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At the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), English is a highly prized asset for all of our students and faculty. In an ever globalizing world, the ability to communicate in English has become an important commodity culturally, politically and, of course, academically. Therefore, it is our aim to produce graduates who have an excellent command of the English language for these purposes. However, we are also well aware that English is a tool, an instrument through which students can interact in realms and about topics in which they would not have the opportunity in Korean. Moreover, speaking English gives them the ability to expand their horizons, to meet people from other cultures and to become ambassadors for Korea.

Here at the English Education Center(EEC) at GIST, we see English as a formidable tool for expanding the limits of our students' knowledge and thinking. We envision a campus where English is no longer an obstacle for students, where students feel empowered and emboldened by their abilities in English, and where they can use English as a springboard for their continued academic and personal success. We see English as more than just an exam subject, more than just an end-goal; we see English as a skill that will augment all of the already burgeoning skills that our students possess, and we want them to see that too.

As a new center, our purpose is to provide students with the best learning environment to embrace our vision for English education, and to grow as we do. Through our staff of dedicated and experienced teachers, we provide classes and courses that allow students to develop and grow academically, while also offering individual opportunities for self-reflection and discussion through our English clinic service. At the heart of what we do, our students are foremost in our minds. We wish to be a center that offers the best opportunities for each and every student to embrace English, and to apply it in a way that relates to their academic or personal situations.

Where many see limits, we see limitless possibilities. English doesn't have to be an obstacle; English can be whatever you wish to make it. Don't let English limit you, because it can't.

Siyeon Lee


123 Cheomdan-gwagiro(Oryong-dong), Buk-gu, Gwangju 500-712, Republic of Korea
TEL: +82-62-715-3702

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